The Academy takes pride in its uniform as we feel that the children look smart in a shirt and tie. Click here to go to the School Uniforms Plus website or here to go to the My Clothing website from where you can purchase your uniform. The uniform does not need to have the new Academy logo on it as long as it is the correct colour.

The Academy also has a second-hand uniform rail from which you're welcome to purchase items for a small donation.

Academy Uniform Policy

We believe it is important to be neatly and suitably dressed because this is more comfortable, it helps the children to feel that they belong and it gives a good impression. We therefore encourage parents to buy clothes for their children that fit in with our dress code.

The uniform is:

  • White Shirt and Tie for all pupils (ordinary and elasticated ties are available from the office).
  • Dark Grey Trousers/Shorts & Skirts.
  • Dark Grey Socks & Tights.
  • Option of white polo shirt for wearing during the Summer Term.
  • V-neck jumper / cardigan.
  • An option of a green & white checked dress & white socks for girls during the Summer Term.
  • Hair accessories kept to a minimum and must be dark green.
  • Fleece jackets are also available for purchase. These are not compulsory and are not to be used in place of jumpers / cardigans, or as coats.
  • PE kit will be black shorts and white t-shirt with dark tracksuit for winter outdoor games.

Shoes must be black leather type and flat heeled for girls, and black leather type for boys. No boots are allowed apart from wellingtons! Please ensure all uniform is clearly named. Also available are a book bag and a P.E. bag. In bad weather children may wear wellingtons and change into shoes when inside. It is recommended that jewellery should not be worn at the Academy.

Kedington Primary Academy policy as well as Suffolk County Council policy and in the case of swimming, Abbeycroft Leisure policy, is that jewellery is not worn for sports or swimming.