Your child should be at school in good time for registration. Please drop them off between 8:35am and 8:40am.
The morning register will be called promptly at 8:40am by each class teacher and a mark will be made during the registration period in respect of each child. The morning register will close at 8:55am.
Children who arrive during morning registration (after 8:40am but before 8:55am) will be marked with an ‘L’ (late) and will be counted present but will be dealt with under the school’s policy on punctuality and lateness.
Any child who arrives after the closing of the register will be marked with a ‘U’ which counts as an unauthorised absence.
Pupils who arrive after registration should report to the school office, and sign the Late Book.
Lunch time is 12:15pm to 1:15pm.
The afternoon register will be called promptly at 1:00pm and will close at 1:15pm.
Pick up time is between 3:15pm and 3:20pm.