The school day is 8.40am to 3.15pm. This is 32.5hrs a week over the school year.

Children can arrive from 8.35am and should be in class, ready to start at 8.40am. The main gates will close at 8.40am and any children arriving after this time will need to report to the school office and sign the Late Book. Children arriving between 8.40am and 8.55am will be marked at 'L' (late) in the register. If we are concerned about your child being regularly late, we will contact you and work closely with you to support your child to be on time. Children arriving after 8.55am will be marked as 'U' which counts as an unauthorised absence.

Lunch time is between 12.15pm and 1.05pm. The afternoon register is taken at 1.05pm and the register closes at 1.20pm.

The gates open for children to be collected at 3.15pm. From the summer term of Year 5, children can walk home with written parental consent.