At Kedington we have a system that allows children to choose from 2 hot meal options or a cold pick and mix option each day.  However, for the second half of this Summer Term 2021 we will be offering a cold lunch option in place of the cold pick and mix option. Children can change each day to find meals they would like.  To keep our system viable, we ask that children have at least two school meals per week.

A new menu will start in the Autumn Term 2021 and will continue for the Spring Term 2022. Please click here for the week 1 menu and here for the week 2 menu.

Since January 2014 the cost has been £2.30 that we feel represents very good value for money.  We ask that all parents pay in advance of their meals on ParentPay, or at the very latest on the day of the meal. 

Occasionally, meals are re-arranged in the week to cater for special occasion meals. 

If you would like to know more about the meals on offer, please visit the Suffolk catering site, 'Eats' by clicking here, where you'll find details of the weekly menus and a downloadable menu that shows when each week commences.

Kedington is a "No Nut" school and we don't encourage the children having any sweets in their packed lunches. Other than that we leave it to the parent(s) discretion as to what you want to put in your children's packed lunches.

Please see below for the