In Septemeber 2023, Kedington Primary introduced 1:1 iPads for all children in Years 4, 5 and 6 at no cost to them or their families. We are finding that the iPads are transforming the way teachers teach and children learn. As one teacher said after only a few weeks, "I can't imagine teaching without them and would never want to!".

Some of the ways they are being used include children using the accessibility features, such as text to speech, speech to text and translate to support them to access learning independently and without drawing attention to themsleves. They can also go back through the teacher's slides while they work if they need to and watch recorded worked examples. Teachers can also deploy tools to scaffold learning for those children who need it and provide personalised feedback through voice notes.

Teachers in classes without 1:1 iPads are increasingly using their teacher iPad as a teaching tool, mirroring it onto the classroom's interactive board. This allows them to move around the classroom when they teach, soom in and out of slides and images, marking up their presentations and instantly sharing childen's work via the camera. Children in these classes have regular access to a trolley of iPads.

See the leaflet on the right for more information.

In this video  from just four weeks into the project, teachers talk about the impact iPads are already having at Kedington and another local school and how they are using them to enhance and support learning