Welcome to the Jaguars class, our teacher is Miss Poole.

Our class is made up of 27 awesomely brilliant children, who love every challenge that faces them and always want to learn more. We are incredibly supportive of one another and love to see each other succeed.

Year five is an incredibly busy time so our days are always packed! Each morning we come into class to practise our handwriting or complete a challenge from the day before. Then we complete our Times Table Rockstars and move onto our Maths lesson. After assembly and break time we will have our Literacy lesson where we get the opportunity to learn about and write in different styles as well as sharpening our reading skills.

The afternoons start with 25 minutes of reading time, which allows us to calm ourselves from lunch time play and complete quizzes about the books we have read. This time is incredibly important to us as it allows us to escape into the world of make believe, be introduced to new words and develop our understanding of different texts. This is the time of day where the library is open for us to independently choose new books to read.

The afternoons are then filled by wider curriculum subjects that we love to explore. As a school, we are looking at blocking our learning, which gives the children the chance to explore one subject in lots of depth over a 2-3 week period. For example; this means that all of our afternoon lessons could be science and the children will build upon and apply the knowledge they have recently learnt that week.

On Wednesdays we have a weekly arithmetic challenge against the other schools in the Trust. PE for the Jaguars is on Tuesday afternoon’s and Wednesday mornings. On Tuesday’s the children will come home in their PE kits and then return to school again on Wednesday in their PE kits (hopefully, with their school clothes in their bags). This gives them the chance to maximise the time they have with our sports coach and embrace learning outside of the classroom.