Welcome to the Cougars class.

Our teacher is Miss Fenn and our teaching assistants are Mrs Bowers (Monday and Tuesday) and Mrs Bush (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday).

We are the Year 6 class which makes us the top of the school! Now we are the top of the school, we have extra responsibilities such as feeding the school fish, looking after the library and helping with the younger children at lunch time.

There is lots to learn in Year 6 as we have some very important tests coming up in May! We are not allowed to say their real name though, so we call them OWLs (after the tests in Harry Potter!).

It is really important to read as many books as possible, so that we can answer tricky questions about the text we are reading. We read on a daily basis and are encouraged to read as much at home as possible, through our class reading bingo game!

Reading lots of different books, will also help our imagination when we write our longer pieces of text. There is a lot of grammar to learn and to be a really good Year 6 writer we have to use this grammar in our writing too. Our English lessons have started this year by looking at spooky stories and how we can create the right atmosphere in our writing. We will then be moving onto the book ‘Holes’ by Louis Sachar. The school have bought us enough copies for 1 book between 2 so this will be a really exciting unit!

Every week we have to complete an arithmetic test and we compete against other schools in the Trust to achieve the best score. Already our class average has increased by 4 points in only 3 weeks – Miss Fenn is very impressed by this! We are making fantastic progress with our maths already and we are looking forward to learning even more.

School isn’t only about English and maths, so every afternoon we have lessons from across the curriculum. Our geography unit is all about using maps and the world around us, before we move onto North and South America. In art we have been looking at different zentangle patterns and our DT unit this term will be about how to prepare a healthy meal!