It is important that children attend school as much as they possibly can. Every day missed has an impact on their learning and development. We work closely to support children to be in school as much as possible. Holidays should not be taken in term time. Any holidays taken will not be authorised (except in the most exceptional circumstances) and a fixed penalty notice will be given for more than three days of unauthorised absence.

If there is every anything preventing your child from coming to school – whether this is medical, social or emotional, then please contact either the class teacher or the headteacher who will be very happy to support you.

The morning register will be called promptly at 8.40am and will close at 8.55am. Children who are not present when the register is taken but arrive before the morning register closes at 8.55am will be marked with an ‘L’ (late). If they arrive after 8.55am, their absence will be classified as unauthorised.

Please see Unity School Partnership's Attedance policy here.

In the summer term of Year 5 and throughout Year 6, children are allowed to come to school unaccompanied and to walk home independently with parental permission.