The Academy gates are open from 8:30am. Children line up on the main playground at 8:40am when the bell rings, apart from children in the Reception class who go around to the classroom door from 8:35am. In the Summer Term they join the rest of the classes in lining up on the playground.

Please pass messages to the Headteacher or the Deputy Headteacher who will be on duty outside in the morning.

Register is taken at 8:45am, therefore entry after this time needs to be through the main entrance. A child is deemed late from 8:55am.

Assemblies are at 10:15am every day apart from Friday when our celebration Family Assembly starts at 8:50am.

Break time is at 10:35am.

Lunchtime runs from 11:45am for the children in Reception, 11:50am until 1:05pm for the children in Year 1 and Year 2. The children in Key Stage 2 start their lunch a little later at 12:05pm, going into the hall on a rota basis.

The children are collected at 3:15pm from their classroom door.

From Year 6 children are allowed to walk home independently. Year 5 children can also do this from the Summer Term, providing permission has been given by parents/carers.