Please see below for class teacher details

Name Class
Gary Bunton Kittens (Reception)
Kat Tillmanns Tigers (Y1)
Nat Riley Panthers (Y2)
Sarah Kirby Panthers (Y2)
Emma Poole Lions (Y3)
Stella Williams Leopards (Y4)
Nat Masson Leopards (Y4) and Tigers (Y1)
Natasha Fenn-Goode Jaguars (Y5)
Laura Murray Cougars (Y6) & Literacy Leader
Angie Harding Cougars (Y6)

Please see below for staff details

Name Role Photo
Matt Martin Headteacher
Michaela Harris Deputy Headteacher
Sue Norden Teaching Assistant
Nicki Carpenter Teaching Assistant
Janet Dunbar Teaching Assistant
Suzanne Bradnam Teaching Assistant
Jayne Milner Teaching Assistant
Susie Bush Teaching Assistant
Lisa Brown Teaching Assistant
Jennie Newstead Teaching Assistant
Debbie Cannon Teaching Assistant
Billy Bowers Teaching Assistant
Sandy Duers Senior Administrative Assistant
Stephanie Watts Administrative Assistant
John Boxall Administrative Assistant
Brian Phillips Caretaker
Pauline Beasley Senior Midday Supervisor
Lisa Brown Midday Supervisor
Debbie Cannon Midday Supervisor
Emma Stevenson Midday Supervisor
Shelly Cooper Cook In Charge
Lynda Westlake Kitchen Assistant
Hazel Sewell Kitchen Assistant and Cleaner
Rachel Sokolowski Violin Teacher
Billie Farr Piano & Drum Teacher
Cameron Mathers Guitar Teacher
Andy Taylor PE Coach